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Who we are

Mag Group International a waste management company based in Dubai, with 30 years of experience in the field of waste management. Our president Mr. Oleg Zhokhov has a vision that Dubai will be our showroom to reinvent the practices in terms of waste collection services. Throughout the years in Eastern Europe, MAG Group International marked its name by delivering complete waste management solutions. We are proud to say that we are the first to provide this waste collection services in Dubai, Luxury services that makes us outstanding when compared to others.

Your satisfaction is always our standard!


The example of high quality services and latest ecological fashion. We are not your ordinary garbage collectors, we deliver highest level of customer satisfaction and quality of service.

30 years of experience in the waste management brought the company a reputation of an undisputed leader.Today MAG GROUP International Company can declare its expertise being an ideal model for waste management- LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE.

LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE- is a fundamentally new approach in management of general domestic waste, based on advanced technologies of the World’s Top producers of municipal engineering, innovative solutions for sanitation and aromatization of waste collection sites, the highest level of service and the aesthetics of the whole process .

Our Mission

To provide the high quality waste collection and recycling services keeping cities clean and neat.


Our History



MAG Group in the 1980s:

80s are the years of the beginning. MAG Group startedits services with the first manual municipal solid waste sorting in Russia when it became a big need of such kind of work. Each day we got huge amount of waste that could not be just buried in the landfills. It would have taken ages for its decomposition. MAG Group decided to recycle waste for further use. We began recycling process with polyethylene waste,which was turned into a raw material for the further production.

MAG GROUP in the 1990s:

90s are the years of big numbers. MAG Group together with Gosthimprom Company launched a very important project. We started to process of plastic waste recycling in order to use newly formed raw material for the further use, particularly in the production of household goods. During these years 32.5 million of such items were produced. 40 million kilos of waste got the second life- it was not thrown to the landfills and did not bring negative impact on the environment. We received a patent for the products generated from recycled materials. In the late 1990s in cooperation with chemical factory GOSTHIMPROM MAG Group has established acenter of polymers recycling into the materials and products for household purposes.

MAG Group in the 2000s:

2000s are the years of company’s growth and fast development. At the beginning of the decade we realized that applied standards turned to be ineffective. It led to the further search of new ones. We decided to start with modernization of production. Our company purchased and launched innovative Italian MAG Press sorting machine. Along with this we developed the first standard for municipal solid waste collection and removal in the cities of Russia. Later on we were exploring European experience and applied European Standards on our waste management process. New approach turned to be very effective and first results we have got were impressive. European containers and compactors made their best. Cities were really clean without any controversy. Even citizens were impressed by the results. They confirmed it by their positive attitude towards new change.Collected and transferred volume of the waste was 9 million cubes of municipal solid waste yearly. We have built and launched one of the greatest and the most modern solid waste landfills in Russia- MAG Group Landfill.

MAG Group in the 2010s:

New decade in the 2000s MAG Group started with its expansion to foreign markets. We checked the requirements of Dubai waste management department and discovered that with our great experience and modern equipment we can be leaders among other waste management companies based in the United Emirates. In 2012 MAG GROUP gets the professional license from Dubai municipality waste management department for providing waste management service on the territory of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We must confess that waste management in Dubai works using highest standards in waste collection and it requires same quality from all waste management companies. MAG Group decided to develop and present totally new and unique project in waste collection LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE for Dubai municipality waste management department. A unique project for a unique city Dubai – the pearl of the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE from MAG GROUP aims to represent Dubai waste management as an ideal example of waste collection. We are proud of developing new concept, which best cities in the world can adopt. For more details you can check our Major Projects.

Major projects:

“Second Life” – Mutual project with Gosthimprom Company. Wastes were processed for further use. We believe that we can process waste for better utilization. Project has been carried for more than 20 years.

“Green City”- Modern garbage containers which we started to use on waste sites are closed tightly and do not allow unpleasant odor to come outside. This project includes sanitation and aromatization of waste collection sites. Project has been carried for 8 years.

“Luxury Garbage Style” project was developed to be presented in Dubai waste management department, United Arab Emirates. This is a fundamentally new approach in management of general domestic waste based on advanced technologies of the world’s top producers of municipal engineering including sanitation and aromatization of waste collection sites. To provide sanitation MAG GROUP chooses the Eco- friendly Bio-Organic Catalysts (BOC) which deals with organic waste such as fats, oils and grease or other bio organic materials by working in conjunction with natural de-composition processes. BOCs work by speeding up the decomposition process often by as much as 100 times the normal rate, providing a solution that truly cleans right down to the molecular level. We believe, using this innovation we have created new approach in the concept of waste management in Dubai.

Written by MAG Dubai