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In 2012 MAG Group started its project Luxury Garbage Style in Dubai. This project was developed by the Company exclusively for United Arab Emirates. Luxury Garbage Style shows totally new approach in waste management. Its principles can be used in big and luxurious cities all over the world. You can read more about Luxury Garbage Style on “Our project” page. In this section we will give you more details about scheme of our work, our specialists and equipment used within the frame of the Luxury Garbage Style project.


Waste disposal trucks in Dubai and other waste collection equipment


In its disposal MAG Group has a park of waste trucks in Dubai from such famous world waste equipment manufacturers as Zoeller, Scania, Farid. All trucks have MAG Group patented logo painted on the sides. Our Dubai waste trucks collect such kinds of waste as solid household waste, bulk waste. With respect to this MAG Group have different kinds of waste collection equipment. Our Dubai waste disposal trucks we can divide into subcategories:

  • Special machines for cleaning and transportation of household waste. These trucks we use to collect regular waste from residential areas, hotels, governmental institutions, municipal objects, etc.;
  • Press-compactors – automated container equipment for pressing of bulk waste. 

For collection of household waste we use long-term European containers. These containers have been selected for particular waste disposal trucks in Dubai. They are light weight, with rubber wheels easy to move and load the waste inside the truck. They have covers which keep smell inside. 

We take proper care of all waste equipment. All containers and machines are in perfect condition. It is our pride to inform that MAG Group cleans its Dubai waste trucks on a daily basis.   


Scheme of work and use of waste trucks in Dubai


MAG Group cares not only about clean and aesthetic side of the waste collection process; it also realizes recycling segregation by collecting different type of rubbish separately. Separation of paper, plastic and glass rubbish works most strongly positive for the environment, therefore MAG Group never ignores these actions. Our specialists fulfill four main steps to make waste collection successful:


  1. Proper use of waste disposal trucks in Dubai. We can propose variety of trucks depending on customers’ requirements, type of waste collected, areas, etc. The first step – our specialists come to target area and load waste from containers to waste trucks. All the trucks arrive to waste collection area according to the timing scheduled by customer.
  2. Waste collection on the site. When waste trucks in Dubai finish waste collection we clean area with vacuum cleaners. We remove all dust and any kind of garbage which can be accidently thrown on the floor after waste containers were loaded the content to waste disposal trucks in Dubai. Our specialists leave waste collection point perfectly clean.
  3. Aromatization of areas. We use special air fresheners to spray on waste collection areas. We propose different kinds of smell for site aromatization. Only when all previous three steps fulfilled Dubai waste trucks can leave location.
  4. Aesthetic process. Our specialists always look clean and welcoming. They wear special uniform which allow them to fulfill the services effectively and remain neat.




Team of specialists

Truck driver. Driver of waste trucks in Dubai is a main face of the company. He is the one you see daily. The main aim is to arrive to target area on time, collect waste effectively and fast, leave to serve other areas.

Vacuum cleaner technician. The main aim of this specialist to remove all kinds of remaining waste (rubbish, dust, dirt) and leave the target area in a perfect condition after waste collection by Dubai waste disposal trucks.

Air cleaner. During cleaning we can use acids and other chemicals. Main aim of these specialists is to remove the smell of chemicals and keep the air fresh and pleasant. 


Our team is always on time and performs services on high standards. It is qualified staff who not only fulfills waste collection functions, but also conveys company’s ideas about clean environment.