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MAG Group – We are here to make your world clean.

Welcome to the website of MAG Group International, one of the best waste removal companies in Dubai with modern approach in litter collection services and new solutions in waste management.Waste removal services in Dubaiattract new foreign companies to realize their potential on the territory of fast growing city where the price for innovation and fresh ideas is high. Waste removal companies in Dubai fulfill their basic functions and do it well, however, new companies also get their portion of work due to their non-standard approaches, high-tech equipment, overall services. MAG Group operates in UAE since 2012 and already became a top performer in waste removal services Dubai.

Dubai waste removal and MAG Group History in Facts

Waste recycling center. MAG Group was established to provide waste collection services in Russia. With rapid development of chemical sphere, on the market appeared such materials as plastic and polymers which were widely used for industrial and domestic purposes. Market was flooded with plastic bags, bottles, boxed and other recipients which were not easy to utilize. It is known that plastic and polymers are very bad materials for decomposition. MAG Group decided to recycle those waste materials for further use in household. Based on Gosthimprom company MAG Group opened its first recycling center.

Modernization. 2000s broughtfor MAG Group new experience in foreign waste collection machines and waste services standards. MAG Group purchased new European equipment that is MAG Press sorting machine, containers and compactors which helped to implement new quality standards in waste disposal.

MAG Group Landfill. When the volume of yearly collected waste reached 9 million cubes of municipal solid waste MAG Group built its own Landfill. It is one of the biggest and innovative solid wastes landfills in Russia.

Waste removal services Dubai. By the end of 2000s MAG Group decided to share its knowledge and experience with foreign countries. New waste collection project “Luxury Garbage Style” waspresented for Dubai governmentand Company received an approval – a license to operate on the territory of UAE.In 2013 on the 4th Annual Middle East Waste Management Forum the main speaker endorse initiatives of MAG Group in Dubai waste removal and highlighted that other waste removal companies in Dubai has nothing similar with MAG Group innovative and complex project.

Luxury Garbage Style Project. This is the biggest project of MAG Group. It was developed by experienced MAG Group specialists exclusively for Dubai, a luxury Gulf city. This project is based on complex decision of the whole waste collection process taking into consideration all the details from timing of collection, quantity of people needed and machines to be used. The main goals are to provide qualitative and aesthetically pleasant service, to leave area clean and process waste in a correct way.

Waste removal services Dubai and customers’ feedback:

Gosthimprom: “We started our cooperation with MAG Group in the early 1990s and till now this International Company is one of the best among our partners. Our mutual project of recycling polymers gives great dividends in the form of good income as well as in clean and safe environment.”

Governmental Authorities: “MAG Group plays the leading role in its sector. Company’s commitment for safe and clean environment is difficult to estimate. MAG Group keeps the best image of the country making its contribution in country development and prosperity.”

During its work MAG Group received a big quantity of Letters of Appreciation and Letters of Acknowledgement for the services provided to its customers. This is not only due to its excellent service. In its everyday work MAG Group uses individual approach with each particular customer. Customers’ requirements and concerns are always taken into consideration on developing a certain waste collection schedule or program for particular country, city, area, site using core MAG Group principles:

  • Keep our environment safe;
  • Provide qualitative recycling of waste;
  • Observe the law;
  • Make our services outstanding.

MAG Group is looking to cooperate with your company.


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Written by MAG Dubai