Luxury Style Waste Collection Procedures – The Newest Trend and Environment Friendly Solution to Waste Management


Waste management has always been a concern, not only in large neighborhoods or housing units (such as apartments and condominiums), but especially in business (industrial and commercial) areas. Getting rid of waste in an eco-friendly manner is crucial. You need the help of expert garbage bin supplier in UAE to assess waste streams, develop the right garbage removal solution, and provide appropriate waste collection services in luxury style – without the inconvenience and discomfort commonly associated with waste disposal.


Common Waste Disposal Worries


The mere thought or mention of waste is usually associated with negative and off-putting implication, conjuring images of humongous bins spilling over with garbage, permeating the surrounding with acerbic odor that can be smelled from miles away. This trepidation mainly stems from unpleasant experiences encountered on (almost) a daily basis in business and residential buildings as well as the streets that people walk or cross on the way to work or for some other purpose. Here are some poorly-managed garbage disposal scenarios that many waste bin suppliers in UAE consider worrisome.


  • In big buildings, tenants and residents are required to take out trash/waste and place it in dumpsters or garbage receptacles provided by designated supplier of garbage bin in UAE – a process that can get quite messy, if not done properly.
  • More often than not, people are mindless about using leaky garbage bags that spill onto walkways.
  • Some residents/tenants are known to leave their garbage outside of (instead of in) the dumpster; or worse, even the building hallways.
  • Garbage goes uncollected for days, especially during holidays, thus dumpsters/garbage receptacles frequently overflow.
  • On the streets, people are forced to either hold their breath while passing by overflowing filthy bins with even more/heaps of waste lying around them, or find an alternative route to avoid the stinking smell.


Collecting Garbage in Luxury Style – Innovative Waste Management at Its Best


Don’t you sometimes feel the urge to just walk up to the culprit residents and tell them to put their garbage properly IN the dumpster/waste chute instead of leaving it in hallways, on the steps, or in the doorway? Of course, it’s upsetting! Those mounds of garbage are not just unsightly; they can easily become health hazards. One of the most excellent waste bin suppliers in Dubai realizes this, too, and has come up with the most innovative luxury style garbage disposal process. MAG GROUP’s fresh approach aims to demonstrate that waste management can be carried out in sophisticated manner if done in a consistently scientific manner. One of its primary goals is to supply distinctive garbage bins in Dubai to support the city’s continuous campaign to keep a clean, green, and beautiful community, thus showcase Dubai as the exemplar/standard that the world would follow.


The Equipment

MAG GROUP’s equipment includes state-of-the-art garbage bins specifically designed and manufactured in Europe, exclusively for garbage bins supplier Dubai. The hot dip galvanized trolley bins with dome lid are crafted according to local standards. Its body is made of 2mm steel sheets 4 wheels Ø 200 mm diameter (4 swivels, 2 fix). The bins come in 1.1 cubic meters, 2.5 cubic meters, and 4.5 cubic meters capacity.  This waste bin supplier in UAE also has a truck fleet that consists of brand new SCANIA-ZOLLER trucks equipped with a 24-cubic meter compactor, capable of mounting all the three previously described garbage bins.


The Procedure

Such high-capacity equipment enables a highly efficient and effective garbage collection and speedy container mounting process – in luxury style. Below is a rundown of how the procedure of this prime garbage bin supplier in UAE works.


Step 1 – The truck arrives promptly at the target facility.

Trucks always get to the identified location right on schedule – looking clean and good and without any trace of bad smell.


Step 2 – Garbage is loaded gently but competently in the collection truck.

Too many times, garbage collection workers simply tip the contents of the bin on the ground and then scoop the waste up to another container. This practice – or malpractice, more aptly – is inefficient, to say the least. Worse, it is very unhealthy as it impels the person to touch/have close contact with the garbage or waste. Such technique also pollutes or renders the surrounding area unsanitary since waste can be easily left on the ground or strewn by the winds. With tidy and well-maintained garbage trucks and waste bin in UAE, loading can be done quickly and smoothly – without any unnecessary mess.


Step 3 – Cleaning up the area.

After the garbage removal, the especially assigned cleaner will clean up the entire area, inclusive of the spot where the truck has been parked while loading the waste and the adjacent space, making sure that the site is absolutely clean. With the use of powerful vacuum, along with the receptacles provided by this noted garbage bin supplier in UAE- MAG GROUP, all dust, rubbish, and dirt are completely eliminated without a single speck of garbage left behind.


Step 4 – Air Cleaning/Purification of the Immediate Disposal Site

The stinky, acrid smell that tends to linger long after the garbage/waste has been removed is a perennial problem that even the best waste bin suppliers in Dubai tend to get frustrated about. Now with the ground-breaking luxury style approach, air purification has been incorporated in the process to get rid of impurities from the whole volume of air within the disposal and garbage collection site. The number one waste bin supplier in UAE believes that this can result to positive moods among residents that walk by the area.


The Bottom Line


Luxury garbage style is basically an innovative waste management solution where MAG Group, the leading garbage bins supplier Dubai, utilizes up-to-the-minute technologies and combines a series of efficient steps for effective waste management – Garbage/Waste Collection, Clean-up and Disinfection (the garbage room, the disposal site, and the garbage bins), followed by Aromatization or eliminating acrid odor in the air. Their popular garbage bins Dubai is among the finest in the region, giving the company the edge of providing the highest level of service. By blending the aesthetics of the whole technique, this prominent supplier of ultramodern waste bin in UAE elevates the standard of waste management into luxury garbage style – making the city a comfortable, healthy, and environment-friendly place to live in.