December 16, 2013 the President of MAG GROUP International Mr.Oleg Zhokhov came to the Republic of Bolivia with an official visit by the invitation of the Government of the country. Recently presented in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, the project «LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE» aroused a great interest on the part of the authorities of many European countries, as well as Latin America. La Paz, located in the mountains of Bolivia, has been chosen as the first capital, which the founder of MAG GROUP decided to visit. The purpose of this trip was a acquaintanceship with the heads of the government of the state for the further development of business relations. One of the landmark event was the meeting of the owner of MAG GROUP Mr.Oleg Zhokhov and Senator of Bolivia Carmen Garcia Mamani. During the negotiations, the representatives of Bolivia focused their attention on the uniqueness of the project “LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE”, praising its high quality and innovation systems approach. Ms. Carmen Garcia also noted the current absence of such a comprehensive solution for the collection and disposal of solid waste in the region. During the week-long visit of Mr. Oleg Zhokhov plenty of representatives of other Latin America countries showcased their concernment in the discussions and possibility of launching the project “LUXURY GARBAGE STYLE” in their countries . The MAG GROUP International has received several government invitations for official meetings, the first initiators of which were Argentina and Colombia . Russian Consulate in Bolivia, represented by the authorized acting Consul General Mr. Vladimir Musychenko effectively participated during the visit of the President of the MAG GROUP Company. Russian Embassy had also indicated its willingness and availability to support the further negotiations between MAG GROUP and foreign partners Currently the MAG GROUP Company and Bolivian government are actively drafting to run in La Paz with the prospect of technological transfer of the project to the territory of surrounding countries.